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2-Handed Breastfeeding

How long does this typically go on? Every time I breastfeed I still have to use one hand to hold LO and one hand to squeeze my boob to help him keep it in his mouth. He is only 11 days old, but just curious how long until he can latch and maintain said latch on his own without my help. Thanks, mommas!

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  • I feel like it was somewhere around 4 weeks for me when I realized "huh this has suddenly gotten quite a bit easier." Hang in there!
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  • It all depends on the baby and your boob. I'm still helping at 11 weeks with my second most of the time - at least till fully latched and letdown has happened, I can't remember how long with my first.
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    It does depend. One breast I could stop helping at a week, on the other (inverted nipple) I'm still helping at four weeks.
    I think with my girls I didn't need to help around 9weeks, but I have large breasts and the weight of them would pull nipple from baby's mouth.
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  • Thanks, ladies! Glad to know this is normal. I was hoping it didn't indicate a latching issue or some other kind of issue. I will just keep doing what I'm doing until he's able to do it on his own. :)
  • Are you using a nursing pillow?
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