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11 Month Old Vomiting and Yellow Poop! HELP!

My 11 month old has been refusing her baby food and been throwing up periodically through out the day and night, and been pooping yellow squishy poop which is unusual. Im worried. We went to the doctor yesterday and she didnt really seem to care because my daughter didnt have a fever and those were her only symptoms. When asked what do we do since shes still throwing up, my dr kind of shrugged and said, "The ER?" (obviously we are getting another dr for my daughter because that was the stupidest answer I ever heard) Should I just go to the ER? Have any other moms gone through this? 

Re: 11 Month Old Vomiting and Yellow Poop! HELP!

  • Did you start a new food recently? If so I would avoid it for a few months.

    How long has she been sick? Is she keeping her bottles/fluids down? Any lethargy, few wet diapers, tearless cries, or a sunken soft spot (if it's still there)? If it's been more than 2-3 days of vomiting and diarrhea, and especially if she has any of those symptoms, I would be worried about dehydration and definitely do urgent care or the ER. In the meantime, BRAT diet if she's had those foods, but I wouldn't introduce anything new to a tender stomach.

    Either way, I would report the Dr to any higher management at the clinic where she works. Even if it ends up a run of the mill stomach bug that just has to be waited out, what horrible "bedside" manner. She should have given you a better list of things to watch out for, when to be concerned and home treatment methods for the time she's sick. A pediatrician should pretty much always be better trained in pediatrics than an ER doctor, and therefore better qualified to diagnose and treat until/unless the case becomes serious enough for hospitalization when they'd be given immediate higher level treatment (IV fluids etc) in the ER before release or admittance to either Pediatrics or PICU. Ugh.
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