Pregnant after a Loss

Ahem! *steps on soap box*

Do you know what's been really bothering me lately? All of the articles that talk about "15 signs you might be pregnant now" or "are you pregnant? Here are the signs!" Seriously. Do you know how many times I poured over those articles and had every symptom that they mentioned and how many moths I was 100% positive I was pregnant?! Do you want to know what the real symptom or sign of being pregnant is!?! Peeing on a stick that then tells you that your hcg is elevated!!! Sure it's great to know what early symptoms might be but come on! They are almost the same as a period! Another thing that bothers me! My sister in law (bless her heart) asked why I stress about getting/being pregnant. Because it's "just so natural for your body". Yeah sure it's natural for some but do you know what for my body it's not. My other sister in law (who has infertility problems) sat there and stared at her wondering why she's so stupid. Who knows maybe it's these new hormones going on right now but I'm extra peeved off. I just had to vent. I apologize now if I stepped on any toes. *end rant*

Re: Ahem! *steps on soap box*

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