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Any moms to be in Germany?

Lu+LuLu+Lu member
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Hi I'm 33, almost 6 weeks pg and living in Hamburg Germany, would love to talk to other mums in a similar situation so as to better navigate how things are done here. Look forward to meeting you!

Re: Any moms to be in Germany?

  • Hi Lu+ Lu, I'm Allison,  I'm 5 weeks pg and in Stuttgart, Germany.  This is my second pregancy here in Germany.  So, although I can't answer questions about specific doctors/ hospitals, I'm sure I could answer some of your general questions.  Congratulations to you by the way!
  • lemomof5lemomof5 member
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    I'm in Germany too.
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  • Hi @lemomof5 ! How long have you been here in Germany? Nice to See other Bumpies here :)
  • Hallo! I'm in Heidelberg, Germany figuring all of this out for the first time. Currently at 6 weeks  :)

    Thus far I have tried to "integrate" myself by learning all of the German terminology ;)

    Have you guys noticed any major differences in your experiences here?
    DS#1 born 05 October 2016
    DS#2  due 25 April 2019
  • We finally decided to have our baby in Germany (we live in Mexico) since DH is German and his family is amazing we are really excited to go there for the birth. I fly March 10 and am due May 10. We will be in the east just south of Berlin. 
  • Hi @books&icecream  and @gampster.  I'm near Stuttgart.  I'm currently 21 weeks with DS #2.  Please let me know if you have any questions about having a baby in Germany :) 

  • Btw, @gampster , I just realized you're coming in on March 10th.  That's soon!  Wishing you an easy flight and all the best getting settled in to have your baby!
  • @CTmominGermany I do have one question my German DH can't answer - where did you go to get reasonably-priced maternity bras/clothes?
    DS#1 born 05 October 2016
    DS#2  due 25 April 2019
  • @books&icecream , I found some reasonably priced maternity bras at H&M and Vertbaudet. I have been buying some maternity clothes from and H&M.  If you're really in a bind, Motherhood Maternity does deliver internationally, but then you lose the "reasonably priced," aspect :)
  • Lu+LuLu+Lu member
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    Oh my goodness, I completely forgot about this post! I ended up loosing my little one and it was so difficult I quit these boards entirely, but turns out I got pg again and am now 15 weeks. @books&icecream I bought some at H&M, I feel that there isn't much of a choice here (if you want to go with affordable) but I keep telling myself it's only (give or take) 6-8 months that I'll be wearing them so no need to go all out there :wink: 
  • @Lu+Lu I'm so sorry! I can't imagine going through that :( But glad to have you back! I'm 20 weeks tomorrow so we're close.
    I bought some clothes at H&M which are working great but unfortunately I am pretty busty so I had to get bras at more expensive places. I just got a coupon for Vertbaudet and am actually planning on putting in an order there.
    I'm due mid-October so I'm only buying summer clothes and planning on just wearing my old American college sweatshirts once it gets a bit cooler. I usually try to fit in and wear "proper" clothes but at 8-9 months pregnant I figure I just won't care anymore ;)
    DS#1 born 05 October 2016
    DS#2  due 25 April 2019
  • @Lu+Lu , I'm very sorry for your loss.  Wishing you a very healthy pregnancy this time around! When are you due?   
    Esprit also has maternity clothes.  If either you @Lu+Lu or @books&icecream wear sz. Largeish, I could send you my curduory pants and a few falls tops :smile: 
  • Lu+LuLu+Lu member
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    @books&icecream yeah I was going to say Verbaudet has some stuff too, been thinking about ordering from them as well. Have you looked at the nursing bras from H&M? I bought some of those because they are much more comfortable and they do have bigger sizes... And they are not too pricey! @CTmominGermany  thanks for the good wishes, I'm due mid November, I can't really say what size I am as I was S/M before my pregnancy but I just bought pg jeans size 36 and they already feel somewhat snug! I'm finding it really hard keeping up with the boob, belly and hip growth, I feel like I barely buy a size bigger and it is suddenly too small in a matter of weeks  :(
  • Its all very exciting @Lu+Lu!  As you get closer the the fall, let me know if you're feeling like large would fit.  Shipping here is all so very quick :)  
    A lot of moms I know recommend Bravado bras and tanks for nursing.  They have them on and surprisingly, they are not too pricey.
  • Thanks, guys! Yeah, unfortunately H&M only carries up to size E and I'm currently F/G. European bras were an issue long before I got pregnant so I'm used to it ;) I looked up Bravado bras online and they seem like they could really work! I think I'm going to try that :)
    DS#1 born 05 October 2016
    DS#2  due 25 April 2019
  • Lu+LuLu+Lu member
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    @CTmominGermany that's really nice of you to offer, I'll def let you know if and when I reach that point  :D 
    the bravado bras look so comfy! I was told to wait till after birth to get any more because apparently a few hrs to a day after delivery your breasts again increase if D cup is not big enough... :/   
    @books&icecream   It must be even more difficult when you're already busty to begin with.
  • As far As I've heard, your breasts grow a few days after, And then go Down to some new size within a few weeks.  I can Imagine its tough when you're starting Off with quite a bit.  Two pregnancies here, And I haven't grown at all :/

    I bought one nursing bra for the hospital, since I'm having a c-section, I'll be stuck  in the hospital for a few days.  I'll buy more once I get home (assuming breast feeding Works this time around). Three cheers for Amazon!
  • I have a different question. @CTmominGermany , what was your experience like at the hospital? I'm currently trying to decide which hospital to use. Basically, I could go to the UniKlinik, which is one of the best in Germany, but also gets so many complicated births that they have very little time to devote to normal births, or I could go to a smaller hospital with less resources in the case of an emergency, but midwives and doctors that are around to support you the whole time. I'm only 21 weeks but so far it looks like I'll have a normal, uncomplicated birth. Also, were you given adequate assistance regarding baby care and breast feeding at the hospital?
    DS#1 born 05 October 2016
    DS#2  due 25 April 2019
  • Interesting that you would bring this up, @books&icecream.  So, I had my son in a regular hospital here.  He was born at 35 weeks and 3 days(everything was normal with me and the pregnancy too, no one knows why my little guy came early, so it can just happen.)  I had a cesarian, and my little guy was in the Kinderklinik for 12 days. I have to say, my care was fine.  The cesarian was fine, the aftercare was fine, my incision healed quickly, and I was released from the hospital after 4 days.  When my little guy was born, he weighed 6 lbs 13 oz, and had no issues with breathing.  I had almost no support with breast feeding, as he was in the Kinderklinik, they started him with bottles immediately, without first talking to me, and they didn't start me pumping until 17 hours after the surgery, which is way over the amount of time that I should have started pumping.  I had lots of problems with output and bleeding, and got little help when I asked.  On top of my pumping issues, little man fell asleep often when he was eating, and ended up losing quite a bit of weight at the beginning. I have since read that babies that are allowed to breast feed earlier and allowed skin-to-skin are much less likely to have the exact issues my son experienced.  
    We live near Tuebingen, which also has a similar Uni-Klinik, and like Heidelberg, people come from all over the world for care in Tuebingen.  My husband had a surgery there (obviously, not in the Frauenklinik,) but it seemed light years different from the regional hospital in general.  In my belief, the university hospitals are funded completely differently, and have resources that the regional hospitals just don't have.  We then took a tour of the Kreissal in Tuebingen, and it is 100% different from that in the regional hospital.  They are also much more "up to date," with their practices than the other hospital.  A friend of mine also had a 35 weeker, and was allowed to feed on demand, which allowed her daughter to get out of the hospital pretty fast.  The Uni-Klinik in Tuebingen also does not use bottles or pacis, which is a huge pro-breastfeeding thing.  Again, I think it has to do with finances and resources.  
    sorry for the novel.  You should tour both hospitals and see where you feel comfortable.  You can also bring up your concern at the hospital tour too.  I'd like to know your opinions on both hospitals :)  And, I'll let you know how it goes with us :)
  • @Lu+Lu and @books&icecream
    How are you doing?

  • Hi - I'm in Germany and pregnant with my 2nd, due July 2nd.  Just leaving this here in case anyone else sees it and wants to connect. 
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