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Just popping over from the October 2015 group. I have seen several posts on Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy and have wanted to post some hopeful news in response, but I needed to wait to see how this pregnancy turned out. This was our 4th (and final) baby. I didn't have ICP with the first two (both boys), but I developed it ten days before my third baby (a girl) was due. I was itching like crazy, but not to the point of breaking skin and it wasn't on my palms nor the soles of my feet, so I was surprised when the test results came back about a week later that my level was at 40 and that I needed to be induced within the next 2 days. I was induced on her due date and neither of us experienced complications  , but I was very worried about getting pregnant again since most articles I read said that the likelihood was 66% or greater and that it often started earlier in subsequent pregnancies. While there is no known way to prevent it, some articles suggested a low fat diet and exercise. I had stopped jogging at 26 weeks with baby #3 (because of early contractions), but I was able to make it to 35 weeks with baby #4 (also a girl). I wasn't as great about following a low fat diet; in fact, I gained more this time around. I had convinced myself from the beginning that I would need to be induced at 37 weeks, but amazingly, I made it to 40 weeks, 2 days with no ICP. I wish I had some wisdom on what prevented it this time (aside from exercise for more of the pregnancy and praying about it daily), but at the least I wanted to pass along that there is hope to have a normal pregnancy after ICP.  

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  • Thanks for posting this. I was just diagnosed with ICP as a FTM and it's scary. My levels are already 94.1 and I'm only 29 weeks along. I'm glad there is some hope.
  • Thank you thank you thank you for posting this!!
    I had severe ICP with my 2nd and had to be induced at 34.5 weeks... Baby was in the NICU for 10 days because of breathing issues.

    We always wanted a third so I have researched and researched for two years and read the same information as you've mentioned, but I could never find anyone "pregnant after cholestasis".

    I am now praying that a) this baby sticks around and b) I don't get ICP earlier than 34 weeks.

    For those interested, there are also some very new but interesting clinical trials using Nifemdipine for the treatment of ICP (in combination with the standard URSO).
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  • My levels today we're 71, I am 29+2
  • [lurking from Sept 2015]
    I just wanted to say it's certainly possible to have more children after ICP in a pregnancy.  With my first three kids I didn't have cholestasis but I developed it with #4; was induced at 37 weeks (no NICU; perfectly healthy) and with #5 at 35 weeks (1 week in NICU; also ended up perfectly fine).  With #5 my diet was terrible, and if we ever have a 6th child I am adamant that I will eat much healthier.  Not trying to downplay the danger of the situation or the risks at all (or provide medical advice obviously), just wanted to say that you can get lucky and have things turn out OK.
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