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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Post M/C time table

We found out we lost our baby on Aug 28th. I had no symptoms whatsoever. Took m/c pills on Sep 5th then again on Sep 9th.

The week of Sep 7th my HCG level was at 1700; a week later at 850, a week later at 150, a week later at 20.5; a week later at 12, a week later at 5 and today at 2.5.

Today being Oct 22, I also have gotten my period back. So it's been exactly 6 weeks since I took second round of meds for m/c when I got my cycle back.

By cycle two in November we will go through round two of IVF. I'm not rushing and I don't feel excited to do this all over again. I am terrified. I thought someone who is just going through the horror of m/c might find this post helpful. Hugs to all ladies out there!

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