Pre-e w/#1, Pregnant with #2.

Hi ladies,

Was on this board for a while back in 2011. Had my son as 28w1day last go round. Currently 15 weeks pregnant with baby number 2. I have an appointment with my MFM on November 2nd. Are there any questions that you feel are most important to ask so that we can have a good plan for this pregnancy? I'm a little nervous...actually a lot nervous. I just want to go home with my baby this time. I want to experience contractions and a natural birth...all the things I never got to feel last time. I know it may sound crazy but it's my truth. Anyone in the same situation? Please any questions to ask would be best. I heart about the progesterone shots but i'm wondering if i should try to move up my appointment to get in there sooner? (at 16 weeks vs 17 weeks?) and also if i should just stick with going to an MFM instead of going to both MFM and me regular OBGYN.


Re: Pre-e w/#1, Pregnant with #2.

  • I had it with my son and my husband is absolutely convinced that we wont have any more children because of the severity of it and that it could happen again. I on the other had am willing to try for a second. If i were in your position i would stay with both as long as they are on the same page and understand all of your concerns! The extra monitoring couldn't hurt even if its just for
    your own piece of mind. And i would ask your drs about the shots. And explain your concerns to them. Good luck! Wishing you all the best and sending positive vibes your way!
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