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4month old with a cold

Hey mommy's plz help!!! Baby has a runny nose, won't stop sneezing, it's really congested! Didn't sleep much last night... What can I do? First time mom so confused

Re: 4month old with a cold

  • You need saline solution, a nasal aspirator, and a humidifier. Best aspirator is the nose frieda. Optional is baby vapor rub.

    I like the saline mist. Spray some into each nostril, wait a minute or so, and suck it out with the aspirator gently. Do as needed throughout the day. Before bed, put vapor rub on the bottom of LO's feet and use socks or footed pj's on top. Run humidifier when sleeping.

    Unfortunately you just have to wait it lo is just getting over her first cold, which lasted about 2 weeks.
  • Thank u for the advise... Will try all of it.. I feel super bad for him :(
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  • Go easy on the aspiration! You will likely do more harm that good as their little nose membranes are sensitive and can swell from it. Trust me. I'm going through the negative effects of it now. :( My 2 1/2 month old caught a cold 3 weeks ago. We kept suctioning out her nose a few times a day and after a while it seemed like she was still congested and nothing would come out. Took her to the doctor because she still wasn't eating normally only to find out that her nasal passages were both extremely blocked from swelling so it was making it very difficult to eat. Also found out her nasal passages are extremely narrow even for a newborn so that likely made it worse, but the doctor said to only aspirate if absolutely necessary, only if the snot is readily visible on the outside and use something like the nose frida rather than the hospital bulb syringe or other aspirators that go in the nose. Do lots of saline throughout the day to keep everything runny enough for baby to clear on their own (either from sniffing or sneezing). He said the spray feature on the bottles is better than the drops recommended on the label. Squirting breastmilk up the nose with an eye dropper was also recommended by a lactation consultant I talked to about the feeding difficulties we are having now, so if you are breastfeeding you can also do that. Also humidifiers and hanging out in a steamy bathroom will help loosen secretions. I think baby vicks is approved after 3 months. We used to put that on my older daughter's feet and it seemed to help some. Do not use regular vicks as it has camphor in it and other things that can cause respiratory issues in infants - that is why they make baby vicks. Hang in there. Also watch for signs of an ear infection for the next couple weeks as they often follow colds (trouble eating, resistance to laying flat when okay before, unusual fussiness, more night waking, etc...) My oldest daughter has only ever ran a fever once with an ear infection - the others only had the increased night waking symptoms even when bad. Trust your gut and bring the baby in if you think something is off.
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