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Right time?

When is the right time to start TTC again? Doctor said 2-3 months by the books. But we all know not everyone waits. 

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  • I think it depends a lot on your particular situation: how far along you were, if you had a d/c or natural miscarriage, if/when your hcg has made it to zero (or if your doctor even wants to monitor this), etc, etc.  Your doctor is probably the best person to have this conversation with because they know your medical history and can advise you if there are specific risks of not waiting in your case.
  • We had our first miscarriage in August and were told to wait 2 full cycles.... That didn't quite happen. We hate condoms. We got pregnant on September 19 and I am currently experiencing our second MC. It might have nothing to do with the fact we didn't wait the recommended 2 months, or it might..? Who knows? Talk with your health care provider and listen to your body. Have open communication with your partner and stay positive. I wish for the best for you. 
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  • My doctor told us to wait one cycle and that was mainly for dating purposes if we were to get pregnant again. Each situation is different and I am sure your doctor has a reason for telling you that time frame. However, if you ask, some doctors will tell you to wait longer for emotional reasons. If you haven't had a followup, I would ask at your followup their reasons for wanting you to wait.
  • My follow up is the first week of November. I miscarried naturally and was only 5 weeks.This week was rough on me. But, I am doing better. For me it is not only about ttcing again, but being with my partner. I miscarried what I think was Monday. My levels were a "0" on Wednesday. Thanks Ladies.. I appreicate it. 
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