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When our baby arrives in a few weeks I'm hoping to be able to breast feed. However, I'm also not getting too hung up on it and want to have some Formula in just in case. This is my first child so I'm totally new. Is there a particular brand of Formula sold in the UK that you could recommend? Or is it a case of trial and error? Any advise would be great.

Re: Recommended Formula UK Mums

  • I'm not in the UK BUT everyone over here seems to be RAVING about HIPP. There are even online importers that will get it for US parents. No judgment. It makes some people feel better. Can you ask amongst your friends what they have used or ask a pediatrician what they recommend to formula feeding parents?
  • Thank you for your reply. I've had a look at the reviews online and it seems like HIPP is really popular. Lots of positive comments about it. I will deffinately now try this and it's organic so even better. They stock it in our supermarkets too :). Thanks again.x
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  • We ordered HIPP and had shipped to US for our was amazing compared to other formulas we started with. We are planning to stock up in advance for our next LO
  • I am not in the UK either, but I would recommend starting with whatever your hospital provides. Mine used Similac so we started with that when I had to switch to formula. 
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