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Hi, my little man is 6 weeks old and I feed him. I've pumped about 4oz a day for the last week to get him used to a bottle. My husband would like to do bedtime feed and a nighttime feed but I really don't know when to pump? I'm worried that I'll have no milk when little guy wants it! I'm not pumping enough to do a full feed for my husband at the moment. Can you share your routines?

Re: Pumping

  • I make a lot more milk early in the morning (4-5am). I have enough to feed my LO when she wakes around that time and then I pump from both. That will give me enough for a bottle (sometimes even 2) for DH to feed her with.
  • I was advices to pump after you feed your LO and you know they are gonna sleep for 3-4 hours, so your breast have time to replenish. Good luck!
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