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Standing at 4.5 months, aided walking/running at 6 months - is it normal?

Just curious as to whether this is normal for my little girl? She has been standing up since 4.5 months, she turned 6 months today and has already learned to run quite fast with her walker. She can stand for over half an hour as long as there is something to lean on, she hasn't found her balance just yet. Her favourite thing to do is walking while holding our hands. She has Cystic Fibrosis but wasn't picked up until 1 month old so she is rather small from malnutrition, she still fits 000 tops and she is smaller than my friend's 4 month old. She is still learning how to stay up sitting when I put her in that position, and she can't crawl yet but can get into crawling position on her own. All she wants to do is stand and move around, will her legs bow from the constant weight so early on in life? Are there many others that start moving so early?

Re: Standing at 4.5 months, aided walking/running at 6 months - is it normal?

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    I hate to say that is not "normal" but she is pretty far ahead of the game mobility wise. Most babies don't stand independently and walk (with a walker even) until 10-12 months.

    If you have concerns about her physical development then I would talk to your Pedi.

    The one downfall I see is that you are going to have to start chasing her now!

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    My 4.5 month old is the same. She stood up assisted by 6weeks. Now all she wants to do is stand. She's also rolled from tummy to back n back to tummy. HEr two bottom teeth have cut too, whew! But yeah, maybe I should get her a walker! All babies are different. I don't think anything will happen to her legs except they'll get stronger!
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