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I'm getting SO frustrated! I've been EBF with my son for 3.5 weeks and for some reason when he's on the left he is always moving his head back which yanks on my poor nipple. Only on the left.. his latch seems good, I don't get it .

Re: why!!??

  • Mine did that too on both sides and OMG OUCH! I started pumping and then formula supplementing because I swear it was like he was pulling the pin out of a granade! I started back on the breast because I couldn't keep up pumping and was transitioning to formula but decided I wasn't ready to quit yet. Now I hold his head and keep him from pulling back but he still chops down. I'm not sure what else to do except always have a finger ready to break the latch.
  • I've heard that babies pull back because the milk isn't letting down fast enough, you could try breast compressions. Maybe that would help a little
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  • ^^ Yup. Your left side probably has slower let down and he's frustrated. Mine starts pulling when things are close to empty. I just try to brace for it. Sorry no better advice..
  • If he eats off of both breasts at each feeding you could start on the left with the slower letdown so he's not frustrated after having the faster letdown on the right.
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