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Hi all, I need some advice. My lo is now just over 7 weeks old and I've been having horrible nightmares for the past couple of weeks. Most of them involve horror movie type scenarios, being held still while someone in a mask walks towards me with a weapon and I'm screaming for them not to hurt my baby but the one I had last night really has upset me. In it I was actually the one that hurt my baby and in the dream I wasn't bothered. I woke up and started crying and just cuddled her. I'm getting quite anxious about going to sleep now. Will this pass and just be hormones settling down or should I go and speak to my doctor? Tia

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  • I've had scary dreams about my little guy being hurt too, I think it's just part of getting used to being a mommy and realizing I am responsible for keeping him safe. It's a big job and it makes sense such a heavy idea shows itself in your dreams.
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  • It will pass.. They normally come because of hormones and fear. My fear is sids.. Which causes nightmares for me..
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    I get mommy anxiety nightmares too on and off. It gets better as hormones start to settle, you are sleeping for longer stretches (I get really weird dreams when I don't get enough sleep for long periods), and you get more confident being a mommy (I still get some anxiety with each new baby, since they are so tiny and wholly dependent on me). I find it helps to be very mindful of what I watch and read to avoid triggering nightmares.  And when I have a nightmare, I think about the elements of it (what scared me and why). I find that I feel better or at least not so fearful when I analyze a nightmare.
    I can relate with you about having nightmares like the one you had last night. I realized, for me, those nightmares are just about my fears of emotionally hurting my children. An example, my mom told me I couldn't sing when I was preschool aged (I was probably singing something over and over and was being annoying about it) and I took it as I was a bad singer. To this day I have a crippling fear of singing for an audience of any size (even when singing lullabies to my children!).
  • Sleep deprivation and daytime anxieties can do horrible things to the sleeping mind! Sounds awful but like PPs said it's probably just your anxiety about adjusting to being a mother who is trying to do the right thing by her baby, all the while fearing she is failing!. Hope the nightmares pass soon.
  • I have this too. I am constantly waking up in the night thinking the baby is in bed with me (he sleeps in his own room) and I've squished him. I also have the nightmares about murderers and other people hurting my baby. I hope it gets better for you! Luckily they are just dreams
  • Thanks everyone. It seems to have calmed down a little now thank god and only happens every few days now. I've been watching really nicey nice stuff before going to bed and nothing with anything remotely freaky in it which seems to have helped. It's quite reassuring to know it's normal because I thought i was losing my mind for a while and my husband just couldn't understand why I was so desperate for him to stay at home with me (he didn't) after having a horrible dream. My dd is doing fine and is healthy and happy so I must be doing ok. :)
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