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Stranger Danger

How old was your LO when you taught him or her about Stranger Danger?

Re: Stranger Danger

  • My kids are 7, 3, and 4 months. I talk to my 3 yr old about it. My son is well aware. The biggest thing I try to stress to them is that someone can look and act nice and not really BE nice. I talk to them about never taking anything from strangers like candy or food of gifts. Never getting into a strangers car or anything. Never going with a stranger even if they say they know mommy or daddy or grandma etc. Always telling an adult you know or a teacher if a stranger tries to give you something or asks you to go with them.

    My almost 7 yr old son is the most friendly kid. He trusts everyone so I have to talk about it a lot.
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  • New mom here, I had just asked my best friend this question, she said she taught it around 3. But the most interesting thing is her daughter has a password they use. You don't know the password she won't go with you. I learned this because I was on school pick up duty.
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  • I have a 3 year old and she likes to be very independent and when we are out anywhere she tries to wander.  We constantly tell her she needs to stay by us because someone could steal her and we would never see her again.  It goes in one ear and out the other LOL 

    We will just keep reiterating that she needs to be wary of strangers.  Luckily she still gives most people the stink eye when they try and talk to her and she doesn't know them. She may be the death of me lol

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  • @millereliz13 the password is a great idea!!
  • My son never leaves my sight unless he's at school or daycare which is like a fortress so I never discussed it until last year when he was in Kindergarten the school had a whole lesson about it because there was a pedofile caught in the neighborhood. He remembered the whole lesson.
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    We use the term tricky person because the majority of the time it isn't a stranger. It's a friend's sibling or a soccer coach or a school janitor or someone from church or a third cousin. I go over scenarios with her and she knows the answer is to yell no and get away. Also if there is a story about an attempted kidnapping on the news we talk to her about it. Got the tricky person idea from here.
  • ^^ Great article, thank you for sharing!  In general, I try to avoid operating out of fear... but as a parent it's a bit "tricky" to find a balance between staying positive and optimistic while still being responsible. 
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