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I need some advice!

There are a couple things I wanted to get some advice on from the fellow mothers out there. I am having some trouble with my little girl (3 1/2 months old) doing tummy time. She absolutely hates it! Every time I put her on her tummy she screams and cries and wants nothing but to be put on her back (or to be picked up if I've let her cry for long enough). Now her head is starting to get pretty flat in the back because that's the only way she likes to play. I have put toys in front of her and even propped her up on a Boopy Pillow but nothing seems to work. Also, I was wanting some advice on how to get her on a better sleeping and feeding schedule. Since she was born I have been letting her sleep and eat when she wants (and she is the perfect weight btw) but now I feel like now I should get her on a schedule where she naps at a certain time to help her sleep better and longer at night and have her eating at a certain time as well. So for all the mothers that have their babies on a strict schedule and that live tummy time. Please help me out. Thank you! ☺️

Re: I need some advice!

  • As far as tummy time goes you just have to make it happen. My kids hated it too. Try sitting on the floor with your legs extended and have her chest on your lap and her legs on the floor. Try changing it up so she's not just on the floor. Try wearing her more instead of leaving her on her back with toys. My daughter had torticollis so she developed a flat spot and wore a helmet for 2 months to correct it. It was a piece of cake but still, do what you can now to fix that flat spot naturally.

    As far as feeding and sleeping goes, you should still be doing both of those things on demand. Sleep actually gets worse around 4 months old (sorry!) so whatever you "try" to do now might be for nothing. Your baby will become more predictable in time and on her own.

    For napping, watch for tired cues and put her down right away. Swaddle if you have to, feed her, rock her, whatever you normally do and then put her down. I always made sure the room was dark and white noise or a fan was going. That helped with naps. She probably won't be able to stay up longer than 1.5-2 hours between naps.

    The first 6 months are pretty hard when it come to sleep. Try to let a "schedule" come naturally which isn't easy, I know and I didn't master it until my second kid ;)


  • You can also play airplane with her...basically hold her like superman (supergirl lol) and fly her around the house. She has to hold her head up that way too but she may find it fun. You can also hold her that way on your lap that way with maybe a toy for her to look at.

    My first had torticollis too and wore a helmet to correct it. They don't mind it but you want to avoid having to do that.

    Regarding the schedule. 4 month sleep regression is coming so better off to wait until 6 months or so to attempt a schedule.

    Best of luck.
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  • Definitely try wearing baby in a wrap or carrier, if you haven't already. Also, snuggling tummy to tummy with baby also counts for tummy time!

    At about 3.5 months, my baby started tolerating small amounts of tummy time on the floor. But she quickly learned to roll off her tummy! I take advantage of the "mommy and me" classes we go to to give her tummy time. Baby is so distracted by the other babies I don't think she even notices I've placed her on her tummy.

    I don't have much advice as far as sleeping goes. I try to follow a routine with baby but not a schedule.
  • My LO hated tummy time until around 4 months when she started rolling onto her tummy herself. Just keep at it, she'll get there. Hold her a lot and wear her to keep her off her back. It's what I had to do too.. took care of her flat spot she was developing.
  • I normally put my dd on her tummy after every nappy change on the bed in front of the TV in my room to distract her. It works for me and keeps her there for a good few minutes before fussing. Then I gently roll her over. The other day she actually rolled over herself when she got tired of being on her tummy.

    As for the sleep schedule. I try and let baby be up during the day no more than 1-2 hrs max at a time. It was a but tricky at first to make her sleep. I make sure she's changed and fed so she's got nothing to complain about and rock her to sleep. She now sleeps nicely during the day without me having to rock her that much.
  • Naked tummy time and tummy time on the boppy pillow.

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  • Try putting her on her tummy across your knees. She may like that more.
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