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Sleep Issues

My 9 month old won't sleep in her crib anymore. She only sleeps in the swing, stroller, or baby bjorn. I don't know if it's the position or being tightly secured.
In the past I have moved her from the swing to crib after she was sleeping and she would continue to sleep through the night. I may have had to get up to give her a pacifier once or twice a night.
Now she won't stay asleep in the crib for more than an hour or so. A pacifier doesn't work anymore. I have to put her back in the swing. She doesn't fuss at all and goes right to sleep. I turn on the music but I haven't used the motion in a couple of months.
I brought her to bed with me on a cold night and I could only take it for two hours. She tossed and turned and kicked me the whole time.
I can't let her cry it out. I've tried. It just doesn't work for her.
I just want her to be sleeping in the crib. It seems so uncomfortable to be in the swing all the time and I don't know why she wakes up so much now. When she started sleeping in the crib at three months I would move her there when she was already asleep (from the swing) and she would sleep the whole night. Every night. It's getting worse and worse. How can I help her get some sleep!?
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