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Essential Oils!?!

Ok so i may be over worried. But today a coworker let me use some peppermint essential oil, without thinking about the baby i put some on my neck because i had a headache. Then my manger told me not to use them again because it can relax the muscles causing a miscarriage. She said since this was my first time and that i didnt use too much i should be fine.
Im only 8 week and my 1st dr appointment tomorrow. But im still a nervous reck because of my last miscarriage.

Re: Essential Oils!?!

  • I've never heard that, but I would call your doctor if you are concerned about using Essential Oils.
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  • I'm certain that relaxing muscles will not cause a miscarriage. I had soft tissue work done, which is deep tissue massage, with the approval of my very conservative high risk specialist and my baby was totally fine. Once I could feel her move, she'd move around when my husband would rub my back. I think whatever relaxes us and makes us feel good does the same for them...but I'd ask your doctor for good measure.
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