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Embryo Adoption / Donation

We have struggled for 6 years with fertility and have always been open to adoption. My Dr. In Texas introduced us to embryo adoption! It has been great for us. We were going to foster to adopt low risk kids but have had to move and that does not work well with that process.

Is anyone else participating in one of these programs? I hope we get to do foster to adopt with one day.


Re: Embryo Adoption / Donation

  • Hi,  We are just in the early stages of exploring our options. I have read a little about the embryo adoption online, was just wondering if you could talk more about your experience and the process? I like the idea of still being able to experience pregnancy and sounds like its a little easier to do that 'traditional' adoption.
  • I have a success story from Embryo donation. My husband and I tried a lot of different things and after 5 years of trying and getting help and researching and considering traditional adoption we found this option. we decided to try it once or twice. Lucky for us it worked the first time. we had a transfer done last feb and Nov 24rth our beautiful boy was born. I was pregnant very early on with twins but one didn't stay. Our boy did though and we couldn't be happier! I recommend it highly. we don't feel any disconnect from him, we feel like he's just ours and he is :D He's a lovely baby, and we got to go through the pregnancy and birth of our child even if he's not genetically ours. I can tell you more specifics if you want them. about the program we used and costs etc. but it's up to you.

    Me: 35, healthy

    DH: 35, male IF

    Married 6 years on Feb  27th 2016. TTC since we got married.

    Were going to go the adoption route, but decided to try IVF with donor embryos once or twice.

    After 5 years of waiting, hoping, researching, doctors, etc we tried the procedure.

    DS was born on 11-24-15!!

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