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All the feels?!?

Ok... some of us are getting to the point where we can feel the fluttering.  This is my 3rd baby so I know what I'm looking for but I've been feeling it almost daily for about a week.  Such a cool feeling.  Can't wait for the rest of the world to see and feel what I'm feeling right now but it is kinda fun to have my own special time with the little bean. Anyone else feeling movement yet?  I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow but in full disclosure I felt it early with both dds as well.
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Re: All the feels?!?

  • I'm at 10 and so anxious to feel it. I don't know what to look for :\">
    I guess it's one of those I'll know when it happens- right?
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  • Yes but you'll likely brush it off the first few times as gas. For me it's a very specific tickle very low in my tummy, below my standard belly pooch.
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  • This will be #2 for me. I can't wait for that feeling again. To me it feels like a fish flopping around in there. I'm just over 12 weeks now, I'm hoping I'll start feeling it soon.

  • I feel flutters every now and again. I'm mainly feeling pressure like I did when DD would stick her foot out around my belly button. I'm assuming that's my uterus expanding.
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  • I just started feeling the occasional flip, but I'm still waiting on the regular flutters. I'm 10 weeks with baby #2. With DS, he was such an active baby that I felt him all the time at 14 weeks and DH could feel him at 16 weeks. Really looking forward to that again!
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