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Greater charlotte High risk preg OB/gyn recommendation?

Hello, May seem a little odd, i'm the male part of the family posting on here. We just had a very tough MC at 7 weeks. We are older (42m/43f) and were feeling so blessed until MC. I'm sure everyone goes through- what could we have done different scenarios but one thing we can't help but wonder is could we have done better with more diligent care and monitoring. To our ob/gyn it seemed like pregnancy as normal and- yep tests are positive- hcg doubling, see you in 3 weeks for US. Which is fine I guess if your 25 and not higher risk but it would seem some additional monitoring even a phone call to follow up periodically would help. He's a great guy and really good for routine care, but feel we may need to switch if we can manage another blessing. We are going to get back to trying as soon as we can since the loud biological clock is ticking but need an ob/gyn that may have some specialty in higher risk pregnancy?

Re: Greater charlotte High risk preg OB/gyn recommendation?

  • Hi! The Bradford Clinic has an amazing team of doctors, many of whom specialize in high risk pregnancies.

    I had a very traumatic MC at 7-8 weeks as well. I had ovarian torsion caused by a 14 mm tumor on my ovary. It required emergency surgery and removal of that ovary, and MC followed within a week. I couldn't help thinking it was something that could have been caught much sooner or handled differently, so started searching for a new OB and found the Bradford Clinic. I started seeing Dr. Zerkle for preconception counseling and will continue to see him throughout pregnancy (we got positive HPT this week, EDD July 2). He is awesome! At every appointment he has given my husband and I as much time as we needed to ask any questions and gave very thorough answers. They have 3 locations so is pretty convenient (Myers park, Ballantyne, and Matthews).

    Good luck with your search and pregnancy!
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