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Pregnant again?

Hello ladies ! I know none of you can tell if I am indeed pregnant but I'd like to get your opinions! I am currently 9 weeks postpartum as my baby was born 8/14/15. My hubby and I started having unprotected sex at 6 weeks postpartum. I had my first period September 20-25. I took an ovulation test around the time I was supposed to ovulate and it was positive. Now I have take ovulation tests 6 days before my period and it was positive, again positive 3 days before. So I got a pregnancy test and it was negative. And I was supposed to get my period today and it's a no show, but I got another positive ovulation test and negative pregnancy test. With my baby boy , I got positive ovulation tests and negative pregnancy tests until 4 weeks. I do have some families pregnancy symptoms but they could also be period. Also right above my pelvic bone is pretty firm. Do you ladies think that I could be pregnant?

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  • It's really hard to follow your post, but a couple of things. If you're having unprotected sex there is always a possibility of pregnancy. If your pregnancy test is negative it means you're not pregnant at this time. If you missed your period, it could mean you ovulated later this month. If you still think you might be pregnant, wait a few days to test again. Also those ovulation test are only predictors, they can't tell you if you ovulated, only that' you will probably ovulate soon. The only way to know for sure if you ovulated is to track your basal body temp each morning and you can track other ovulation symptoms. Taking charge of your fertility is a great book that explains all of this in more detail. Dh and I used this to prevent pregnancy and then when we were trying to get pregnant. Hope this helps!
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  • Your body could be gearing up to ovulate then it not happening or you could be pregnant.

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