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Tricare questions

My husband deployed about a month ago and we found out I'm pregnant 2 weeks before. I'm staying with my mom who lives an hour away from base and that is the address we're using with our Tricare (standard) policy. I was told by Tricare that I can only see a doctor on base or within 40 miles and that we aren't eligible for prime remote. But his CO told us it doesn't matter where I go since he is active duty, appointments and the birth will be covered at 100%. I keep getting different answers every time I call Tricare, has anyone else been through something like this? So far I haven't had to pay a co pay or anything but I don't want a crazy bill when the baby is born...

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  • My husband was deployed during my first pregnancy, and I moved out of state, so there was no post to be seen on. I switched my policy to standard and never had any issues. I got charged 10 dollars for a lab once, and the hospital bill after delivery was only $34. As long as you're on standard and your doctor/hospital accepts standard, you shouldn't have any issues and it should be covered.

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  • Ok that's great news! Thanks!
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  • When we didn't live near a base we were on tricare prime. Tricare issued me a PCM who was a private doctor from branch of the local hospital. It was free for everything.
  • You can go on the tricare website and look into all the options for your region. They go into detail about what is covered, who best fits and if there are often co pays and you can call or apply online to switch.
  • Tricare rules vary significantly by region. North, South, West and overseas all have their own rules (and as soon as you get a handle on a region you PCS to a different one...). Tricare doesn't like to pay for things if the paperwork is not done correctly and they typically are not happy if you see any specialist without your primary care provider telling them it was necessary BEFORE you are seen. You can only really be seen anywhere if it is in an emergency. If you want to be seen somewhere else get a referral from your primary care provider. Childbirth is well covered under most forms of tricare but you have to be on the correct plan for your location as far as the routine appointments go, you will have to talk to tricare or use their website to figure that out and switch plans if necessary. Keep good records of your research because consistent explinations is not one of tricare's strengths.
  • Well they put my primary care physician as someone in a town not even close to me, after we explained to them that we registered using my moms address. I really don't think the girl we talked to knew what she was talking about or was very bad at explaining things. I agree with y'all though I do need to call and figure this out asap. Thanks ladies!
  • If you are on Standard, you only need to find an OB in network and make an appointment.  
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