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  • We haven't decided which one were going to use.... But we are announcing tomorrow after my 12 week appointment.

  • We're going to wait until the end of 1st tri to FB announce, but since DH and I are big nerds I want to do something along the lines of "(last name) expansion pack 1 due May 2016" with a photoshop of the ultrasound on a video game case.

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  • We'll be announcing right after 1st tri is over! Can't wait!
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  • We posted ours on Instagram and FB today!


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    We haven't decided on the wording yet, but this is the picture we are using. The 2 big pumpkins are from our garden. The small ones are store bought. We are waiting until Halloween when I'm 12 weeks.

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  • @yogahh love yours!!! Pets say it cutest!

  • I love all the pet ones! We were think of doing either a Disney themed announcement or one with the dog but these are making me want to include the pup even more. :)
  • I love seeing these! So cute. I rushed mine a bit...had a "save the date" announcement that's the week of my EDD and I wouldnt want to go on a 24 hour flight even if it was a month earlier. I didn't like the idea of lying to family about why I couldn't go so I made my announcement. I kept thinking after that I jinxed it all...
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    we did this 3 years ago( baker and oven Halloween costume). Not too many people got it, but we plan to do it again and post Repeat. (I think it will be more fun with both pics)
    Eta: and I love seeing all these announcements. So precious.
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  • This is what we sent to our parents, will use the same photo when we announce on FB at end of 1st tri

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  • We're big Seahawks fans.  And I want to do something related to them.  I'm also team green (husband isn't).  I was thinking we could do a series of photos...
    1) Him holding a sign: "Future Seahawk"
    2) Me holding a sign: "Or Seagal" (what the team cheerleaders are called)
    3) Him holding a sign: "Draft eligible"
    4) Me holding a sign: "Try out ready"
    5) Both holding: "May 2016"
    6) U/S picture leaning against a football.

  • There are two seperate threads on this but since I am so excited about my idea I will post it again..

    Hubs is a HUGGGGGE star wars fan and so I am going to wear this and post it to social media next week. I think its awesomely nerdy, which is perfect for us!
  • We just announced last night!
  • I think I am going to use this picture for Facebook but still not 100% on it yet. My husband did use it to tell his family.
  • Wearing this with a skeleton suit and face paint and going "trick or treating" to the family and having a party with friends after. I can't wait!!!


  • This is how we told family and a couple of close friends. Not sure if we'll use it for fb or not yet, but have a few weeks to decide still.

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