Pregnant after a Loss

Just when I decided to let go of the worry...

As I was leaving work today I went to the bathroom and noticed a small amount, but definitely there, of red blood. Nothing more. I panicked and called the dr. The dr on call said that since I've had just the mildest of cramps and a tiny bit of spotting that it was probably from sex 2-3 days ago and that I should be fine. That I should withstand from sex until the second trimester (I'm 13w1day). If the cramping or bleeding picks up to head to the ER. I feel fine and haven't had any more bleeding other than what was on my underwear but I am FREAKED OUT. :(

Re: Just when I decided to let go of the worry...

  • I can imagine the scare :S Hope there's no more blood.Hang in there and keep us posted. x
  • Thinking about you, hang in there ♡
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  • FX is really nothing! Take care!
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  • So far it's completely gone away. They say I'm welcome to make an apt to just be checked out but sadly my schedule isn't flexible this week as my husband is going out of town and I have work and a two year old.
  • @Plleriti1 glad it stopped. Hope it stays that way!
  • So glad it slowed!
  • Thinking positive thoughts!!
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  • I actually just bleed a little after sex. It can also be be break through bleeding, which is not uncommon.

    Glad that things are going well.
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  • Thanks ladies. The doctor doesn't hunk it's worrisome so I'm trying to relax about it.
  • Just seeing this @Plleriti1 so sorry for the scare!! Thinking good thoughts for you. When is your next appt?
  • Thanks @ALC08. Not until Nov. 9th. I'm trying to take it with a grain of salt and not worry too much. My husband leaves tomorrow for the week so I'm cutting back at work this week to be on mom duty AND to take it a little easier on myself.
  • On a better note... How's everything going with your pregnancy @ALC08?
  • Thinking of you!!
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  • @Plleriti1 so far so good but the fear is still there. My bump is getting bigger so I'm hopeful baby is still growing. Just hope it is healthy. My next appt. is on the 29th.
  • @Plleriti1 - sorry you had to go through that scare! Hope it was just that one episode, and hope you're doing okay with your husband away. I've been traveling so just seeing messages.
  • Luckily it was just that one episode! And today my home Doppler arrived and we were able to find the heartbeat! So reassuring!
  • I had a bleeding scare this weekend. Doc got me in for an ultrasound yesterday and the tech said everything looks great from her perspective, the placenta may just be a little close to my cervix which is causing a small bleed. Heartbeat is right on track. Fingers crossed!
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