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letting baby cry

Every time I pick my daughter up and feed her or go change her etc. When I put her down she screams. What do I do about this

Re: letting baby cry

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  • She is 11 weeks. She sleeps great threw the night. I hate having her cry. Expecially when I don't know what's wrong
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  • Will she take a binky or go in a swing? If you tend to hold her a lot, chances are she's used to that and won't like being put down. I make it a point to put my lo down for some of his wake times to play on his mat or swing. He doesn't fuss to be held unless he's tired or not feeling well after shots. If this is a new thing, could be a growth spurt.
  • When my little guy is very weepy and clingy and I need to get stuff done, I wear him in the carrier. It's a little awkward to do some things, but he loves it and usually falls asleep.
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