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Pregnancy symptoms come and go?

Hi all! I'm curious - I'm 7w3d and I don't go to the dr until next week. The last week or two, I've been nauseous on and off during various days and have had strong food adversions. The past two days, I've felt mostly normal and less tired. I'm concerned something is wrong but trying not to worry too much. Has anyone else experienced this?

Re: Pregnancy symptoms come and go?

  • Yes and it's completely normal. I was sick for 3 straight weeks then woke up one morning and was fine. Now a week later it's back again.
  • Yes totally normal. My food aversions and nausea come and go. I haven't been as exhausted here this week. Up until this week I had been dead on my feet. I'm also 7/3 ☺

  • I had 2 weeks constant nausea, a week mostly free, a few days really awful, rest of that week mostly ok and great through this week. I am hoping I am done, as I'm getting close to the end of the first trimester, but who knows. This could be the calm before the storm.
  • Yes! I'm 10 weeks 6 days and it seems like all symptoms, with the exception of food aversions, come and go. Also most symptoms seem to mostly go away after 3-4 weeks and are replaced by other symptoms. Ie first I needed TONS of sleep, then it faded and nausea took over, and now I seem to be moving into stretching in my tummy as I'm starting to grow more forward.
  • Me, also. Mine seem to vary on the day. I was posting last week about how my morning sickness was gone. I was all happy and excited and posting with lots of exclamation points. Then like two days later I had the worst m/s I've had yet. So go figure. 
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  • I'm 11 weeks today and I feel like a human being again. Which of course is scary since I've had 2 losses, but we heard the heartbeat 3 days ago so I'm trying to keep calm. My nausea came & went all of week 10, til nothing this weekend. I've noticed today that my boobs hurt again, with these sudden twinges of awful nipple pain, my low back/butt is achy, and the ligaments & muscles on the sides of my pelvis are twisting and stretching in odd ways. Suppose this is just phase 2? I certainly hope so!
  • In the first place I barely had any of the usual pregnancy symptoms. Over the last 4-5 days though my mad hunger and sleepiness have subsided too.... Just feeling anxious.... I am 10w1d... It's reassuring to know it's probably normal but can't help worrying about it! I have 10 more days before my next scan so till then I will prob be in the edge :(
  • I woke up this morning and almost forgot I was pregnant because I felt so great-once I managed to roll out of bed. But then I remembered and started freaking out because I started worrying too. I'm hoping it's all normal, and if all of these ladies have healthy LOs growing then I'm sure you do too. Just try to stay positive and don't over worry yourself. You wouldn't want to cause undued stress upon yourself!
  • You're all totally normal!

    I know, I know... easier said than believed.
  • Same here. 10 weeks 5 days and barely feel pregnant at all. I had very slight symptoms to begin with, but as of last week what I have had is diminishing. Still tired and have some random cravings but that's it. Even the cramping I had last week and the peeing is gone, so of course I'm convinced something is wrong. Next appointment is 11/2- can't wait to see also again to be sure everything is ok! Also can't wait to get out of first tri, it's nothing but worry for me. Once a bump sprouts and I can feel
    Lo maybe then I'll actually breath easily.

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