Pregnant after a Loss

Anyone else?

pregnant before your first cycle after a d&c? I had a d&c 5 weeks ago. Tested negative last week and positive yesterday and today. I've had 2 losses this year due to MTHFR. Praying this is our rainbow baby!!

Re: Anyone else?

  • My MIL got pregnant with my husband after a loss and before her follow-up appointment (after her loss). That pregnancy obviously turned out fine. :)

    I have MTHFR, too and just had a healthy baby last month (after losing my first pregnancy). So, all things are possible!
  • Thank you! Congrats!
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  • Can I ask how you ladies knew you miscarried due to mthfr?
  • Dr ran tests after 2nd loss. Came back positive for MTHFR.
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    I have MTHFR, but that's not why I had my loss. My baby had trisomy 13. I did start taking folic acid as soon as I find out (before I got pregnant), though, and still do since I'm breastfeeding.
  • I am currently 22 weeks with our rainbow baby. I had my d&c may 8 and got a positive hpt June 9,no period in between. Congrats on the bfp, it is a scary road after a loss, but our rainbows will be worth it in the end. I hope to have a success story to share in 18 weeks :)
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