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Hi ladies,

I just moved DD from the Enfamil newborn formula to the Enfamil infant since she is past the three month stage.  We had no issue with the newborn formula, but she's spitting up the infant formula rather frequently.  She burps just fine.  

We are almost through our secomd container of the infant formula.  Should I give her tummy more time to adjust or consider trying a different formula?  We don't go back to the pediatrician until the beginning of November.

Thanks for your opinions.
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Re: Spitting up

  • Might be worth trying smaller portions. It may not be the formula switch so much as quantity. My daughter started spitting up a lot around two months, and our pediatrician recommended smaller volumes of formula at each feeding. If she was still hungry, we'd fill up another bottle, but most of the time she was satisfied with the smaller amount. That solved it. She'd keep eating as long as we gave her formula, whether she was hungry or not, so she had been overeating, which made her spit up.
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  • FWIW, Newborn is fine to be used at any point. Per Enfamil customer service. You can safely go back to Newborn and use it as long as you want.
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  • I would probably just stick with the newborn. Some of the regular/advance formulas are a little bit thick, I noticed. 
  • My DD had this problem too. She didn't actually have acid reflux, but I switched her to the Enfamil AR formula and it did wonders. Maybe give that a try. It is thicker which helps them keep it down.
  • Thanks, everyone!  Will also mention this to my pediatrician on Monday.
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