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Still a crawler....

We are a month away from turning the BIG ONE! And my 11 month old only crawls, she doesn't stand on her own or even try to get up. We have to put her into that position & she cry's cause she doesn't want to stand up, then we try stand up toys to help her to entertain her & stand up. It only works for awhile, should I be worried that she is standing up yet or trying to get up on her own?
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Re: Still a crawler....

  • I really wouldn't worry about it. Mine wasn't crawling until 9 months then walking at 10. That stuff can happen over night .My oldest didn't walk until one, which I still consider in the normal range and I have friends who's child didn't walk until after 16 months.  I'm in Canada and I know my doc looks for different milestones than other countries. At 9 months, they were just looking to see if she could sit unassisted. I think babies do things in their own time and there's a wide range of normal. Just keep doing what you're doing.
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