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Mil lied on me.... >:-l

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I simply can not believe it..... I have a five month old son who eats dinner at 6:30 and be in bed no later than 7:15. my mil has been late more than 2 times,once she brought him home at 8,  I always tell her before she leaves to please have him home no later than 6. when my son doesn't eat on time he becomes extremely irritable and wont eat, he be exhausted. anyway she brought him home at 730, i was pissed...I told her "he eats dinner at 630 any later he becomes irritable  and when hes irritable...mommy becomes irritable". she just didnt seem fazed about what i said, like she could care less (Fil was with her too) later that night I got a call from my husband(who was at work) asking me what time our son got home, i told him 730, he tells me that his mother told him i had a attitude and WENT OFF ON HIS DAD and that it upset him so much and that he was hurt. WTF?! like really??? WTF?!! I went off on his dad?? she straight up lied on me, like why?. All I've ever asked was for her to bring him home on time, is that asking too much??

Re: Mil lied on me.... >:-l

  • Did your husband asked you what happened? If not, that's the bigger issue to me, He can't take someone else word without hearing your side of the story. And it's your kids, your rules. MIL would've just lost babysitting priveledges until she apologized to me in front of my husband,
  • 1. This is not what I thought the post was going to be about based on the title.

    2. I would give your MIL one more chance.  If she again disregards your instructions, I would limit her alone time with your child.  Maybe not stop but at least limit.

    3. I would have a serious conversation with your husband.  Remind him of his wedding vows when he promised to you that he would " put above all others and let no one come between ".  This is what putting you above all others means, it means taking your side when you get into an argument with his parents.  Besides, even if you did " go off on them"  you had reason as they disregarded your instructions several times.  
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  • yes, he asked what happened and i told him everything, he said he didnt believe her anyway and that she always she flips things and make stuff bigger than it is.
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