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Subchorionic Hematoma/Hemorrhage

Hi all,

I'm just wondering if any of you ladies has a Subchorionic Hematoma diagnosed?
I had very strong bleeding on the weekend and thought, that it was a mc. But after a visit at the doctor and an US we found out that the baby is fine, but I have a small Subchorionic Hematoma/blood clot in my uterus, which is supposed to resolve itself in the next few weeks. However, I'm on bedrest and try not to panic too much about it. Any of you guys had a similar experience?

Re: Subchorionic Hematoma/Hemorrhage

  • I have one. I've had spotting my entire pregnancy and had a gush of red blood today that scared me. Luckily my dr was able to get me in this afternoon and baby is fine. My SCH also shrunk quite a bit from my last appt. It sucks. I feel for you. Fortunately most resolve with no issues.
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  • Yes it's so scary hey? It was a significant amount of blood.
    I hope that it will shrink very quickly, too!
  • I was told at my 8w u/s that I have a small SCH. Doc said it will either bleed out or be absorbed by my uterus. I haven't had any bleeding this pregnancy so I'm hoping that it's gone by my a/s.
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  • I had one with my son- medium sized and from weeks 6 to about 18ish. By 19 weeks it wasn't visible on u/s anymore. He's now a healthy, happy, silly 4 year old. 

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  • Yes, this just happened to me last week. I had a big gush of bright red blood last week (6 weeks)... It was the scariest thing ever! We rushed to the hospital and after an u/s they were able to confirm that we had a heartbeat and baby seemed to be doing good. According to the dr. and u/s tech, this is quite common. I was put on bed rest for 2 days and told to take it very easy and to not do any heavy lifting (nothing over 10lbs), no sex, rest a lot etc. until the hematoma clears up. I had my hcg levels tested and I was at 21000 which i'm told is good/high and my cervix is still closed which is a good sign, but it's still really scary. I'm nervous as I still have some spotting but I pray that we all have good outcomes! Hang in there! You aren't alone ;)
  • I have one as well. Got diagnosed with it last week. Still going between bleeding and spotting. It's very scary, I hate this feeling! Hoping it's bleeding out but I really have no idea
  • I also had one and noticed the blood on Saturday. It was only a little bit of blood and only happened once, so I went in on Monday and they diagnosed the subchorionic bleed. Tech said it looked like it was healing already so I'm not in bed rest or anyhing, but I totally get how scary it was! Even though it was only a little bit I had convinced myself I was having a miscarriage.
  • I had one diagnosed that was visible on a 5W U/S I had after some bleeding. I had another U/S today and it was completely gone - my doctor said most likely absorbed by my body.

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  • I was diagnosed at 7 weeks in the ER. The bleeding and cramping scared me to death. It appeared it was healing but I had another episode of heavy bleeding/clotting with cramping at week 9. The baby is fine, but I have been on bed rest ever since. Next appointment isn't until the 28th. I'm 11 weeks 1 day today, and our doctor told us we couldn't have sex until after 23 weeks, and that's only if things look good on our scan. I thought my husband was going to pass out. It's going to be a long road ahead, but worth it if we can make it to term. Good luck to you! 

  • Same boat. I was diagnosed a couple weeks ago and still waiting two more weeks for a follow up ultrasound to check. Is anyone else's between the placenta and uterine wall? Worried that if it grows or stays too long it could cause the placenta to become disconnected and lead to a misscarriage. On pelvic rest for now, and it's so hard not to stress over every abdominal discomfort.

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  • Unfortunately I have to wait a little longer, too, to see if it disappeared/shrunk. Even though it is scary, one in four pregnant women get it and most of them end up with a healthy baby :) Good luck to you ladies, I'm glad I'm not the only one of the May 2016 group!
  • I had/have one. Had bleeding day before my first appointment. No bed rest here (no heavy activity for a week after last bleeding though. Don't k ow if the brown counts so I'm playing it safe) and have only had old brown spotting since but dang....I was apparently gray the whole day before I knew and my bp was through the roof. It is definitely scary.
  • I had a bleeding episode last pregnancy (everything turned out to be fine) and last night I just had a gush of blood with this one. It was over as soon as it began. Now I'm waiting for my doctor's office to set up an ultrasound to be sure baby is still okay. I'm hoping he/she is okay in there and that this is all it is.

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