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Clueless Mom Starting Solids

FTM - we started on solids about 2 weeks ago, but I feel completely clueless. At this point we are eating twice a day - rice cereal in the AM, with a veggie in the PM. So far we have tried out sweet potatoes and are now on peas. What I would love is just a dummies meal plan that almost scripts it out for me, but I'm not having any luck.Any suggestions/guidance?

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  • Did you ask your pediatrician? They gave us a meal plan to follow thst has been easy.
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  • I'm having the same prob. I also want something concrete my pediatrician said I could pretty much give him what I want as long as it's mashed up. I gave him peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and apples. Surprisingly he hated carrots and apples and loves sweet potatoes and peas the best. I give him solids 3-4 times a day and I'm wondering if it's too much. He is just always hungry and a big boy. He is 6 months old but the size of a 1 year old in height and weight. 29 inches and almost 22 pounds!!
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  • I did not ask the pedi. He said I could find plans online so I assumed they would be more explicit. I get what all she can eat at this point, main question is how much and how often. What I've found online is all over the map.
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    I just recently called and spoke with a nurse at the pediatrician for the same stuff, we're starting in a week or so when he's 6 mo. She said start with green or yellow veggies, once a day, with 5 days between new foods (in case of allergies), and just 3-4 tbsp. It's all for play and learning, no nutritional value yet, so to still nurse as usual. Also my pediatrician had recommended the book Cooking for Baby as a good starting place. Good luck--to all of us!!
  • I also read that it's best to do the solids in the morning because their digestive systems will be getting used to it and it can disrupt sleep if they're trying to digest and are uncomfortable!
  • I only try solid once a day for my LO. He hasn't quite figured out how to swallow it. So he gets about two bites each time we try. We started with pureed veggies. Good luck!
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    I used with my oldest a few years ago and felt that it was pretty laid and explicit. He is now 2 and a fantastic eater, spicy, savory, vegetables, fruits ect. 

    There are tons of charts on what they recommend exposing baby to at what ages, how to make your own if you want to do that, and as the kids get even older, how to transition to cow milk. 

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    We feed our 5 month old one solid meal a day at 6:30pm- rice cereal with sweet potatoes, carrots, or butternut squash. This was what our dr advised and I assume when we see dr for 6 month appointment she will green light more variety.

    Oh and how much? I started with barely any and then when she became able to finish that I have increased the amount. As much as she wants until she starts turning her head, not opening her mouth, or fussing.
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