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CIO or rocking !?

Just looking for some encouragement. We have tried CIO and it doesn't work for our little girl or family (she goes on too long and vomits and it's too hard for us). Any moms out there have luck with baby finally learning to sleep through the night while rocking them or parting them to sleep both and bedtime and in the night etc? Looking for light at the end of the tunnel! I love rocking my babe to sleep at bedtime but am up all night every night and it's taking its toll! Thanks all! :)

Re: CIO or rocking !?

  • Questions for you: are you doing straight CIO with no checks? Are you doing interval checks?

    I'm all for rocking my kids. I did it with my first until he was too big and I'm still doing it with my one year old BUT I didn't do that in place of sleep training. I rock before bed but if they woke in the MOTN I didn't get them out of their beds. Getting them out of their bed made it even harder to put them back in. That's why I asked about interval checks. That seemed to work best for both of my kids. I give them about 10 minutes and if they are still crying, I would go in, give them a kiss and a hug then walk out again.

    I personally think that if you keep going in the room when she wakes up and taking her out of the crib she will always expect that and won't learn to go back to sleep on her own. I realize CIO isn't working so you definitely have to try a different method.

  • What seems to work pretty well for us lately when I lay her down I just stay and rub her back for a while.  She'll cry and try to get up, but I just lay her back down and keep rubbing and singing for a few minutes.
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  • Yes we were doing interval checks but it seemed she would get even more worked up with them and cry harder with each check and then after a while the vomiting would start and it was horrible. I too do the pat her in her crib and back rubs too for her, sometimes it will work and sometimes she's already too fired up...
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