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poopy diapers?

Kiddo is 5 1/2 mo old and has had 8 poopy diapers in about 24 hours.  Normal looking except I notice mucus.  Her nuresline wasn't overly helpful- said I could put her on Pedicure for 24 hours, but I'm nervous to do that without being seen.  Would you take your kid in to investigate illness or not?

Re: poopy diapers?

  • I probably would give it more time first. Is she nursing or taking bottles ok?
  • Maybe could be allergy of some sort? Does it happen after eating any solids?
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  • I would ask for an appt. might be an allergy or might be sick. I have heard that mucus in poop is an allergy...milk, I think. But I would go to pedi and not talk to nurse line.
  • Hi ladyteach0505 - did you find out anything? How is LO doing now? I am going through the same with my 6.5 month old son
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