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Anyone still left?

Hey ladies. I was wondering if anyone was still left? 
<3 Married the Love of my Life Louie 3.17.12
<3 Our precious baby girl Anya 4.18.13
<3 Our handsome baby boy Louie 6.6.14

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Re: Anyone still left?

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  • Where DID everyone go?

  • Around, but not active. Miss this place.

  • not so active these days but serious BOTB got me back :)
  • Haven't logged on here in a long time! I'm on now hehe.
  • I have not been on here in a really long time. Been super busy! Mom of 4, wife, now a student plus going back to work, oh so I mentioned all the kids right lol we have been busy with school activities with the older 2

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  • Lurking while I wait patiently for my June 2016 arrival.

  • @Reasons2Smile June 14 mom here also waiting on my June 16 arrival! *waves hi*
  • can't believe DS is almost 2!!!!
  • I might've answered this before. My first time logging in here in awhile. lol. Can't believe my son will be 3 this June :)
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