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UNENDING Diaper rash!!

My son (18 mo) has diaper rash that WILL. NOT. GO. AWAY. Its been months and months. 
I have tried:
-switching diapers
-switching wipes
-desitin (regular, extra strength and ointment)
-boudreauxs butt paste
-honest company 
-california baby

Then the dr thought it was yeast based, so we did a week or two of Lotrimin, then was prescribed Nystatin. The best its been was on the Nystatin for a few days but it never fully cleared up, and it went to full on red/chapped again. His butt is always red and blotchy, just in varying degrees- it goes from kind of red to crazy bright red with almost open wound type skin- (and of course he screams bloody murder when we wipe it) We try to let him go diaper free for a little bit, but that of course ends in pee on the carpet. (Right now he's in Bambo diapers) Does ANYONE have any suggestions of some crazy remedy that worked for them when all else failed? I am going crazy here!! 
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Re: UNENDING Diaper rash!!

  • The only thing that wasn't on your list that I know of is coconut oil. My friend used it for her daughter and she swore by it. Not sure if it will be more effective but might be worth a shot. Also, would cloth diapers help? I've never used them but maybe they would be softer on him? Good luck! Hopefully someone else has dealt with this and has more suggestions.
  • I havnt deal with nappy rash as bad as ur saying but I swear by covitol nappy rash treatment... It's smells but as soon as my girl gets a little red I put it on over night n it's all normal by morning.. It has cod liver oil in it so that makes it smell but as I said I swear by it..
  • We did a mixture of nystatin, aquafor, and a tiny bit of hydrocortizone cream (1%). Cleared up within a few days. Only use the hydrocortizone cream 1-2 a week though... we chose to use it for the bed time diaper.
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  • Stop wiping it. Fill a spray bottle with warm water and spray LOs bottom and pay it dry with a soft cloth. Make sure it is fully air dried before you put on another diaper. Usually for me when my DDs gets this bad with sores, I stop using the wipes, do at least 3 baths with no soap per day, just so she can have some naked time and to stay clean. I don't shampoo her or anything. Just like a sit bath type thing. Then I let her run around naked to make sure her bottom is aired out and put on a diaper. I change the diaper every hour and put on aquaphor every change to protect her skin from pee and poo. This usually clears it up in about two days, though the sores take a little longer.
  • Just wondering how the nappy rash is goin
  • my daughter has super sensitive skin and used to always have a rash (red raw) until my sister told me to only use the wipes when she poops and always put A&D on it.  I find that its something in the wipes that affects her so maybe you could make your own or something if its that bad and im sure you do but change it often
  • Can he hang out Diaper free for an hour or two? It will help the skin breathe.

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  • use a warm rag not wipes and continue to use the nystatin with my daughter we used corn starch it worked great hers would get so bad it would turn into a yeast infection and soak him in a warm bath a couple times a day if possiple
  • When my DD had real bad diaper rash we stopped using wipes and would just Pat dry with a washcloth and water. This seemed to help.clear things up. We also had her in the tub at least two times a day (no soap) and let her air dry for a bit.
  • DS rash flares up really bad when he's teething. Nothing has been a miracle cure so far. Bordreaux butt paste worked better than Burts Bees though. I just ordered Tender Tush and hope it helps. I'll let you know how it goes.
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  • My son had a diaper rash when he was about a week old that would not go away.  It even started to bleed at one point! We tried all of the different things listed above the the only thing I found that worked was Calmoseptine.  The nurse at my ped's office finally mentioned that we should try it...thank goodness!! 
  • The only cream that has really helped us is Triple Paste. I swear by it!
  • We use Anti Monkey Butt powder as preventative with every diaper change for DS. He is 15 months old. We usually get ours at Walgreens but you can get it in Amazon for less $7. It is the only thing that works for us! If the rash gets really bad we use Aquaphor on it.
  • Im hoping you have found relief by now. But over the summer my LO got an awful rash. It was yeast and the only thing that worked was ciclopirox. I guess its much stronger than nystatin.
  • You could also take a look at your LO's diet..there could be something that he has a sensitivity to. My daughter gets diaper rashes when she has a bowel movement after eating tomato sauce. She's not at all allergic but the pediatrician said the acidity in the bowel movement may irritate her skin causing the rash...regardless of how fast I change her. You could try looking at foods
  • I agree with @Malibu45 check his diet. Apple juice and grape juice both can cause diarrhea which leads to diaper rash when drank too regularly.
  • So I've been a member for a long time but rarely post. Sorry, total lurker status here. Anyway, I saw your post and could relate. My 3 year old had a similar problem. She was constantly red and I tried a lot of different butt creams that never seemed to clear it up. At her three year check up I asked her Ped and shockingly found out it was Strep. Something we now call Butt Strep. We figured it out because my husband got strep throat three times and she had butt strep twice all within a few months. Somehow they kept passing it, we have no idea how. It took two rounds of antibiotics for her and three for him before it was finally out of our house. Of course I have no way to know if this is what is going on. However, it is one theory that hasn't been mentioned and takes a simple test to find out.
  • Any luck with the rash? We were having issues with our 16 month old and ended up making our own diaper cream aND it's worked wonders. Let me know if you want to know what we use.
  • I swear by cornstarch.  My LO got raging diaper rash at 10-12 mo old and it didn't go away with aquaphor, desitin, A&D, honest co healing ointment.
    Then, I made my own cream with Desitin and corn starch mixed together.  I put this paste all over his bottom. In 2 days it was scabbing and drying up.  I bathed with a little vinegar added to neutralize the urine and some baking soda (remedies I found on internet).  After bathtime, LO crawled around naked or we used a warm blow dryer to make sure he was super dry before applying our ointment.  Now, I add extra corn starch to almost all diapers just in case.
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  • Hello! We have b/g twins who had this issue as well! We used everything mentioned above as well as 2 different prescription ointments which our prd had to call in. Those worked a little, but nothing worked like Paladin!!!! PALADIN WAS A LIFESAVER!! I noticed a difference after a few applications and it cleared up both rashes within days. We still use it with every diaper change for prevention of future rashes. You can buy it at any Walgreens Pharmacy, but you have to ask for it at the pharmacy counter as you cannot find it on a regular shelf. It's on ly $3 for a 2oz container and works like NOTHING else we have ever used! 
    I hope that this is helpful! 
  • Use a warm washcloth instead of wipes. We also bought a huge box off eBay of the hospital grade clothes they had to wipe the babies. You wet the cloth with warm water and there really soft. You can use just a washcloth or something gentle without the ingredients of a wipe. It should help heal it. Good Luck!
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