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Any babies talking yet?

We just spent time with our neighbor's son who is 9.5 months and he says "thank you" (or "tan to") when you hand him something and "cat" or "kaa" when he sees animals. He's very tall (he looks like a toddler, not a baby!). Our son knows words (when we say them) but  babbles more than anything else. He definitely doesn't say thank you!

Re: Any babies talking yet?

  • I read recently that it doesn't matter how soon a baby starts talking, it doesn't affect their intelligence - some just choose not to talk until they have something to say!
    My lo will be 10 months on Dec 15th and right now says mama, dada and what's this (a "wazzit" sound when she points at something new).
  • My LO is learning two languages at once so I don't expect a lot of words too soon. He says mama/dada. He knows a lot of what we say but can't/doesn't say it. He'll say nene for sleep because the Japanese for sleep is nemasu an shortened for kids. He also kind of says ba for ball and omomom for hunger/feed me. He babbles and yells a lot though
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  • Mine says," mow" for more and "mama" and "meeee"-for milk. And "naenae" for his big sister. He also throws his hands in the air and says something like "ah du" for all done. He's 40 weeks. I think it's all relative. He doesn't clap yet. And he has woken up almost every hour to nurse and drive me crazy since he was about 4 months old. :)
  • My LO said "que" (what in Spanish) and that was it for a while she signs a few things, standing, taking a few steps and today out of the blue said "daddy Dada" DH has been signing to her daddy Dada daddy dada ( well you get the point) DH was over the moon. It was a beautiful thing to see.
  • My LO will be 11 months on the 8th, he hasnt said anything yet
  • Yes mine started talking a little in the last week. I heard her say hi and bye. She says baby a lot. I also heard her once chuckle and say Bob. I could have sworn she yelled out Daddy the other day.
  • My lo said mama at 9 months but has since stopped. At 11 months he says dada which is his favorite person in the world! He makes a lot of sounds but I don't think he's saying anything. He started this week with baba which I think means bubbie (grandmother in Yiddish) and he started singing with my DH music yesterday saying lalala (those were the actual words in the song that my LO was singing to. He understands a few signs as well. I think he is taking it all in and will one day surprise us. He just got his first tooth last week and a few days later took his first few steps!
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