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Anyone have experience with a slow leaking of amniotic fluid?

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I'm 39 weeks today & on tuesday night I experienced 7 seperate gushes of fluid from 10:30 pm to 12:30pm. I called my Doc and he told me to try to get some rest if I wasn't in a lot of pain and that I might wake up in labor but that if I was able to sleepthrough the night to come in for a check up in the morning to see if my water did infact break. It took me a couple hours but I did end up falling asleep and slept through the night. I called the office & told them that the doc had said to come in to check to see if my water had broken and they said they would call me back, when they did they said the Doctor that was on call that day wanted me to go ahead and check into OB instead. I was pretty pissed but we packed up and went. I was strapped up with monitors and waited for him to see me for about 2 hours. I was contracting but didn't feel like I was in labor yet...the contractions I had the night of my fluid drainage had seemed to have just died down and disappeared. I felt more like I was experiencing the hicks I've been used to for so long. When the Doc finally came in the nurse asked him if he wanted to check me with the speculum she told me he'd be checking me with and he told her no. He checked my cervix and said well i can only get a finger in there and your water is still intact so I'm going to do a swab to see what this fluid you think you are leaking is. He swabbed and when he came back he was he said its negative. It's not amniotic fluid, you probably just peed yourself. At this point I was really upset. I told him I most certainly did not pee myself because ive been pregnant for 9 months and I know what peeing myself feels, looks and smells like & this was not that. He stared off and said well then it must just be some kind of discharge because it's not amniotic would know if your water broke because it would have ran down both your legs. He continued to be dismissive and we left the hospital. I researched this all night that evening because hicks and baby moving were keeping me up abd found that this has happened to a lot of women. They get a tear in their hind bag at the top that leaks and pools and then gushes out of drips or trickles continously,this tear can heal inside, which is what I think mine did while I slept but I believe I still have a prick prick sized hole because I am still slowly leaking this fluid but no more gushes thankfully. It's clear and mucousy but still watery with a pinkish hye and white flecks in it, it doesnt smell sweet though. It doesnt really have an odor to it but the consistency is like clear watery semen. I've been leaking this stuff since Tuesday night and don't have another apt. till Wed. If I am indeed slowpy leaking amniotic fluid I worry that my baby could be running low once I finally go in if I continue to leak but they don't want to see me until painful contractions start or I have an obvious flood of waters down my legs...just worried for baby and now anxious for both of us. 

Re: Anyone have experience with a slow leaking of amniotic fluid?

  • I know someone who did. It was a slow leak for an unknown amount of time. It resulted in a PAINFUL "dry birth".
  • I certainly understand why you would anxious! My water broke with my second baby and it was definitely not a lot of water. It was a very tiny trickle, a few times only. When I called LD they wanted me to come in so the could check me (with a speculum) to do a swab. I too hadn't gone into labor for quite some time after the water broke, and their concern was also the amount of fluid. They actually suggested that I be induced by a certain time to decrease certain risks that accompany low fluid. But I ended up going into labor 11 hrs later naturally. Maybe you can request to see another dr do the swab test again. Your fears and anxiety are real and you have every right to make sure your baby is well and safe!
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