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PSA City Select Double Stroller

Not sure if anyone posted this yet, but on the manufacturers website, the double stroller is on sale, plus free shipping and no tax. It's almost $300 off the normal price!

If you're looking for a great double stroller, this one is pricey, but these NEVER go on sale, and they are awesome!
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Re: PSA City Select Double Stroller

  • JessimucaJessimuca member
    edited October 2015
    I also have a city select (now we need to pick up the second seat!) and we both love it. While it's a tad bulky, it's solid, has a ton of storage and a ton of different ways you can set it up. I brought our umbrella stroller to the public market once and learned my lesson real quickly- I was spoiled by the city select for so long I naively thought the umbrella stroller would work and it was terrible. Didn't handle nearly as well in general.
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