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How to get from Seattle to Tacoma while in Labor?

Hi Ladies -

I'm due March 2016. I work in Seattle but am planning to deliver in Tacoma General. DH and I were recently talking logistics of what happens when I go into labor.  Who do we call to pick up our daughter, etc. The main question we haven't found an answer for yet is what if I'm at work in Seattle when I go into labor? I take the Sounder to work daily so I don't have a car here in the city.  We can't call an ambulance because they'll take you to the nearest hospital. 

Would you be comfortable calling an Uber if you were in labor?  My husband works in Auburn so it's not realistic for him to come to Seattle, pick me up then drive back down to Tacoma.  What other suggestions do you have?  For some reason, nothing is sounding realistic right now.

Re: How to get from Seattle to Tacoma while in Labor?

  • Hello,

    I work in Seattle as well and take the Sounder to/from Lakewood daily. I have a scheduled c-section on 11/11. Before we scheduled our c-section I had planned on working from home beginning a week before my due date. If that is an option for you, it might be your best bet. I also have a lot of people I work with that have offered to give me a ride home if for some reason I went into labor early. I also figured if my labor was a slow as it was with my son, I could still technically just take the Sounder home! Not sure if that is the best idea, but it could work:) Good luck!
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