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Sleep problems

Hi everyone I have a problem my daughter is just bout 22 months n for the last 2 weeks wen its bed time n we put her to bed she screams and crys and call outs mummy n daddy she does it so much that she is just bout sick... It's like she is scared of something in the cot we have tried everything we can think of but nothin is working, she is fine n goes to sleep if we pick her up n let her sit on our lap but I'm not a fan of that... She used to be a great sleeper could put her to bed wen it was bed time n she would just lay there until she went to sleep... Now I have no clue wat has got into her... Please any ideas just want me good littler sleeper bak

Re: Sleep problems

  • Could be a phase or could be a little separation anxiety and will most likely pass. I'd try not to get her out of the crib when this happens. Maybe give her a hug and a kiss, tell her good night and leave the room. Wait 10 minutes then go back in if she hasn't settled down.


  • Yea last night we keep just goin in n givin her a cuddle n tellin her everything is alright n put her bak in the cot n Leavin the room... It took 3 hours but she finally went to sleep
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