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2 weeks Tummy Trouble (TMI PIC)

My daughter will be 2 weeks old Saturday night. She's been drinking Gerber Soothe for gas and fussiness for well over a week. The past few nights, she hasn't been sleeping much. She's having a lot of gas pain- I can tell by the way she acts. Shes extremely fussy and hard to console. She wakes up every 20 minutes or so crying in pain/discomfort. For the past two days, she's only had a bowel movement once a day. Yesterday, she started to pass a lot of very smelly gas. Last night, she filled a diaper with runny dark green stool that smelled horrible. Today, she continued having the really smelly gas and then dirtied another diaper the same way as the night before (picture attached.) Has anyone else been through this same thing? Taking her to the doctor later today. Prior to two days ago, her bowel movements have been completely normal. She's always had some gas issues, but not like this. Advice, please? Worried first time mom. She's also getting a very red rash (you can see at the top) that has her skin peeling.

Re: 2 weeks Tummy Trouble (TMI PIC)

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