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Feeling sad....

Good morning ladies.

This is my first month ttc after a loss in June. I'm 12 dpo today and so far have had negative hpt. This morning I have some light cramps and light red bleeding. I am almost positive my period is coming. I am feeling so down right now. I'm not even sure what my question is, just thought you guys might have an encouraging story to share with me.

Re: Feeling sad....

  • Oops. I meant some bright red blood, but it's not heavy.
  • I was getting frustrated when trying to conceive after a loss, I just kept thinking where I should have been and not where I was going.  I did see a therapist because of the fear of falling into depression as I was teetering on the edge.  Anyway the therapist said something that I've told a lot of people you may think your mind is ready, but maybe your body is not ready yet and that is why you haven't gotten pregnant.  Give it time.  We all know how hard it is.
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    A month before finding out I was pregnant I was so sure I was. Turned out to be a false alarm and I was saddened. Only DH noticed how disappointed I was and the reason for it. I found out I was pregnant when I didn't think much about the pointers since I was spoofed several times. 
    @bntfroggie is right too. We just gotta be patient for both our heart and body to heal. We've all been there. Sending you hugs <3
  • I cried like s baby when I got my cycle back on my first month ttc. It's ok. I should have been thankful for the time to heal because we conceived the next. It's a hard row to hoe trying to bring babies into the world. I have been pregnant for 11 months with one month break in between and no baby to show for it yet. Sending you my thoughts and prayers.
  • I didn't get pregnant the first month either...but I did get pregnant the second!
  • I didn't get pregnant the first month either...but I did get pregnant the second!

    Same! Best of luck to you!

  • Thanks ladies! I was so bummed out, but I'm feeling better now. Getting ready to try again in a few weeks. Thank you for sharing
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