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Just curious, Abu other new FTM experiencing a sore back exactly where the epidural was put in? Ever now and again I feel a soreness, almost in the bone where the epi was. I hope I'm not damaged for life!

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  • PS I'm 4 weeks post partum
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    I have had a very bad experience from the epidural, a spinal headache meaning they punctured the dura causing horrible migraine. They had to do a blood patch to mend it and I still have some weird sensations in my head right now. I also have just like you a very sore back right where the epi and the blood patch was placed. Anyways if I had been aware of that I would not have had the epidural. I am like you, hoping this will go away and I can feel like my normal self again. No advice here I am just the same as you, with the head pressure added. Hang in there we will get through it.
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  • I haven't had any PP epidural issues but when I went for a yearly check up with my normal doc I mentioned that I have some pain in the same mid-part of my spine but only when I press on it. I didn't think about it at the time, but she was worried about the epidural causing it (they had to re-insert it several times). I still have the pain (only when I press on it) at 20 weeks PP. She asked if I had any other worrisome symptoms like shakiness, dizziness, etc but I haven't so I guess it's not a big deal? :/
  • I was sore in the epidural puncture spot for a few weeks after both of my kids. It went away slowly. I think it went away completely this time a little after the 6 week mark PP
  • Yikes!! Yes I know going all natural could have prevented all this but you just don't think about that when you're in the middle of contractions! I ended up pushing for 4.5 hours, so I highly doubt I would have been able to do it without the epi. I hope the pain clears up, I would hate to deal with this forever, and then what about the next kid? Ugh!
  • Yep no epi for me for the next one. I am so aggravated by this happening. It sucks :(
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