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Getting off bottle

Has everyone done this already? Are we late? We cannot ditch morning or evening bottle- how did you bail on the bottle?

Re: Getting off bottle

  • We cut out the bottle around 13 months- we got rid of the morning bottle by giving her breakfast right away when she wakes up; which we still need to do as she gets hungry right away! Night bottle was easier; I can't remember anymore but I think I just gradually reduced the number of ounces and then one day just didn't give her a bottle. I was scared she would wake up hungry but she was fine.
  • We are in the same boat here! Our pedi told us to just give milk in the sippy. It might take a few days and she might not take the milk, but eventually she will catch on. For some reason she won't take milk from anything except the bottle. She just recently had oral thrush and the pedi told us it could be linked to her still taking a bottle, so we have to try harder to get rid of it. Good luck!
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  • It was easy for me to cut out the bottle because I just switched her to a sippy. She just decided she liked the cup better and don't want a bottle. I think I got lucky though because I don't care to send her to bed with a cup so we just put her in bed and she's passes out.
  • Having the same problem here. DS was completely off the bottle by 13 months. DD loves drinking out of sippy cups but will not drink milk from them. She doesn't really care for regular milk to begin with. the only way I can get her to drink it is in a bottle and very warm, even then she only drinks about 6-10 ounces a day. She is also very small, 10 percentile for height and below 50% for weight so my Dr. has encouraged us to let her keep the bottle 1-2 times a day for now as it is the only way she gets any milk. I am thinking we need to stop soon though. DD is a pretty good eater just prefers plain water or a little apple juice to drink.
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