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Due Date Confusion

Has anyone else experienced your twins measuring almost 2 weeks ahead? I was 29 weeks at my US last Friday and both twins were measuring 30+6? They have been measuring almost 2 weeks ahead my entire pregnancy. My doctors have not given me much info on delivery anyways, so I am wondering if they will come sooner than expected? I'm a big planner and type A, so I'm trying to get a somewhat definitive answer.

Their weights were 3lb8oz and 3lb4oz as well.

Any advice or personal experiences are much appreciated!

Re: Due Date Confusion

  • Mine are consistently measuring ahead as well and I'm 18.4....it's usually always about a week and a half ahead. When I asked my dr about it she said they went with the due date based off my LMP and my dating ultrasound at 9 weeks. She said just because they are measuring bigger doesn't mean they are "older" and more developed. I too wonder if these means they did mess up and I really am further along and they'll come sooner...I guess either way they'll come when they want to.
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