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Just moved here and 19 weeks...

I just moved to San Antonio. I've had a heck of a time finding a doctor in SA, I've finally given up and will be traveling to Austin (yes I know how far of a drive it is) has anyone else here ever done this?

Re: Just moved here and 19 weeks...

  • I'm traveling to Austin for my prenatal care. I'm going to Austin area birthing center. Mostly, because I work in Austin right now and I was too lazy to do research with my insurance coverage.
  • Seven Oaks Women's center is the best in San Antonio. Have you tried there first? Traveling to Austin seems crazy. You never know what traffic will be like on 35.
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  • Have you seen an OB before you moved here? Most will allow a transfer if they can get you in at a reasonable date. :-)
  • I would recommend Dr. Kelly Morales, she is amazing! 
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