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Postpartum Depression

I feel so miserable

I'm almost 8 months postpartum and i was doing alright until I stopped Breastfeeding. Now I'm a mess. I feel like breaking down in tears all day and feel those "if this happens it's going to be the end of the world"!anxiety feelings. Anxiety and depression have been an ongoing struggle for me for awhile,which I take meds to control, but lately it's completely gotten out of hand. I feel like a burden to everyone and I feel like a terrible mom.

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  • You are not a terrible mom! It's hard being a mommy! I think the same things sometimes. You are not a burden to anyone, if you weren't here you would be missed a lot by your family. I know it's cliché... But hang in there! Talk to your doctor. I wish there was more I could say or tell you but you are not alone... Good luck ❤️
  • My second baby just turned seven months old, I also take med for depression/anxiety... And I'm feeling the exact same way! I'm just trying to keep myself together from a daily tearful breakdown. So sorry you feel this way, but you're not alone. I haven't stopped breastfeeding yet, but my supply has reduced and I've been having to supplement with formula to my milk supply during the day.
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  • I'm doing much better! Thanks for the kind words. I think the hormonal shift was mostly to blame once I stopped nursing but I also increased my meds a little. Thanks again hope you're both doing ok too.
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