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How did you tell your parents?

My husband and I are 4 weeks 5 days pregnant and are going to be telling our parents soon. We want to be creative when telling them. Any suggestions?

Re: How did you tell your parents?

  • H's mom's birthday is coming up soon and we thought about sending her flowers from H, myself and "baby" but we ended up telling her via skype today because we couldn't not tell her in person (she lives half way across the world so "in person" in person wouldn't have been possible).  I Facetimed my mom.  We thought about waiting until Thanksgiving and me adding something to my "things to be thankful for" that we do around the table before eating but we just couldn't wait.  When are you telling them?

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  • brittnierae99brittnierae99 member
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    We are thinking of telling them tomorrow since we will be in their area. His parents should be easy, it was his mom's birthday today so we are going to give her a card and write happy birthday grandma in it and see her reaction. We aren't sure how to tell my parents yet tho!
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  • I called my parents as soon as I read the positive test. I wanted to say something creative. But it was more just a mess of excitement lol. That was last Saturday. I drove to their house this morning (they live 3 hours away). I'm taking them to dinner tonight and I got them the books "how to babysit a grandpa" and "how to babysit a grandma" They LOVED the books, in fact I saw tears in my dad's eyes.
  • Awww, the book idea is cute @amangels2 - I like the idea of a little gift like that for the grandparents.  

  • satcher08satcher08 member
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    When I was pregnant with DD we got our moms each a grandma mug and necklace. It was fun to watch their faces as they opened them up and realized what it meant.

    ETA: We also got my dad a picture frame that said "world's best grandpa" or something like that.
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  • It was a last minute decision to tell my mom so soon. I wasn't feeling well at all and my mom is no go to when I want to whine. DH finally gave in so I texted her a pic (she lives far away) of DS wearing his big brother shirt. She facetimed me immediately.
    We are going to tell DH's parents and all of our siblings next weekend. I'm going to ask DS (19 months) where the baby is.. He likes to kiss my belly when I ask him. I think that'll give it away :-)
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  • Our parents and my sisters came over last weekend for DH's birthday. I put DD in her big sis shirt and just waited for them to notice. My MIL said "Big sis, oh that must be a hand me down."
    It was a fun way to reveal, despite my MIL's confusion haha!
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  • We put our daughter in a shirt that said "I'm going to be a big sister" and we waited for our families to catch on when they saw her. My father-in-law and my mom both didn't read her shirt until it was pointed out, my mother-in-law caught on immediately.

  • We just told my parents yesterday. We put DD is a "Big Sis" t-shirt and had her give my mom this little baby countdown clock that I had given her the first time we were pregnant. My mom knew immediately what was going on, my dad was just silent and shocked. haha
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  • With both my pregnancies my mom has known before I told her! We are very close and she has strong intuition.

    My MIL found out over the phone with DH. She was asking him where he wanted to go for his Bday dinner and the options were sushi and something else and he says "I dunno if my wife can have sushi" She caught on immediately!
  • Hmmm my husband wants to do our parents separated with cupcakes.  Invited them over for dinner and then pull out the cupcakes with some cookies for dessert.  The cupcakes will have the letter B A B Y and see if they can put it together LOL.  There will be four of us!  

    I dunno...i wanted to bring out a cake and say congrats grandparents or something.

    We are first timers so really want to do something special!  
  • With DS I found cards that describe what a grandmother is, what a grandfather is, what an aunt is and what great grandparents are. It was around Halloween and my sister had everyone over for dinner (no one knew). I told them all I got everyone Halloween cards and that the cards are all the same so everyone has to open them together. My mom was so confused she thought I gave her my grandmothers card. My sister was the first to understand it!

    With DH side we gave our niece a gift to open and inside was a t-shirt that said "big cousin coming June 2015."

    This time around we are having both sides over for dinner the night we Close on our house (Oct. 30) and we are putting a onesie on DS that says "no longer the only pumpkin in the patch" and will wait for someone to catch on! Hopefully I can wait that long!! First time I was 6 weeks pregnant and it was a few days after I found out. This time I will be 8 weeks and it will be 4 weeks after I found out! I suck at secrets!
  • Well - just told me mom. Her response? She asked if I was happy about it. :-/

    Maybe she will get excited?


    My MIL will be so over the moon when she finds out. It just makes me so sad.
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  • We just gave this birthday card to my mom. My family flipped.
  • We just gave this birthday card to my mom. My family flipped.

    You just gave me the best idea of how to tell DH's parents!!!!! I'm gonna have DS draw a picture (19 month old scribbles) and I'll label different parts of the picture "mommy, daddy, Levi, baby"
    Thanks ;-)
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  • @VikingGirl12 I hope you get an equally ecstatic reaction!!
  • I definitely cribbed this idea off Pinterest, but it was low-impact and fun to do. This is baby #3, so I already had old baby shoes kicking around. I built the four-square image, then took it to CVS and had two copies printed 6x6", one for each set of grandparents. I let the photo do the talking (though I did write a note on the back to ask them to be subtle, because our DD was with us and we aren't going to tell her until closer to 12 weeks). My parents both caught on quickly, but DH's stepmother didn't have her glasses on and his father had to make her look at it a second time. Then she caught it!

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  • We had dinner with my parents, and gave them a card with our names and "baby June 2016". My mom was in total shock and my dad called us "crazy kids" (because it's two weeks before our wedding)
    His parents got a card as well, and we also got the "before the wedding?!" lecture.
    Both are so excited, though - they can't wait to be grandparents!
  • We're the weirdos who have been spooked one too many times in the past so definitely not telling until the second tri comes close.  Luckily, that'll fall near enough to Christmas that the moms shall get ultrasound pics as their gifts and won't know until then.  I shall hide any evidence for all that time...  it's gonna kill me  ;)
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  • I think I'm going to casually wear an "eating for 2" shirt to thanksgiving
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  • @jerseybroadwaybaby that's the greatest idea ever...dh is giving me the side eye because I literally busted out laughing when I read that.
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  • We are waiting to "officially" tell families until after the first appointment, but I ended up spilling the beans to my mom. I need her to babysit my 3yr old for the prenatal appointment. I told her while we were heading to the zoo with my daughter. She said something about the stroller and I said, "We're gonna have to get a double stroller now." She did a double take and said. "Are you telling me something?!" It was great. Of course, 10 seconds later she started to fret because she saw me have a beer two weeks earlier on our family vacation (before I knew I was pregnant.) That's my mom for you.

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  • I'm going to order this for my niece and steal her for a second to switch out her outfit!
  • @NicknShan - I'm sorry about your mom's reaction.  

  • NicknShan said:
    Well - just told me mom. Her response? She asked if I was happy about it. :-/ Maybe she will get excited? Ugh. My MIL will be so over the moon when she finds out. It just makes me so sad.

    My mom has never been excited about my pregnancies. I'm dreading telling her.

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  • I'm putting off telling my parents for now, since they are not going to be excited about the timing. I'm due the week before my brother's wedding, which will be a 12 hour drive from where I live. Whoops, haha! Oh well, what can you do. I'll probably break it to them after my 8 wk appointment. I know they'll be super pumped once they get over the fact that we likely won't make it home for the wedding.
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  • My brother is getting married a week after my EDD as well. Luckily it's going to be here in town, or not more than an hour drive south, but I could still be pregnant by then! Or I could deliver that day. Who knows. Whoops.
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  • I told my mom immediately because it anything were to happen, good or bad, I know she will be there to comfort me. I was tempted to tell my dad as a b-day present, but I don't think he'll care as much nor is he a person I would turn to if something bad happens. We will likely tell MIL and FIL for MIL's b-day present out of respect, but not thrilled by the prospect of having them being in the know if anything bad were to happen. Difference between in-laws and my dad, however, is they will be more excited.

  • I made these adorable signs and I'm going to give it to my MIL as an early birthday present. (Can't wait another month to tell her!) I'm also going to "show it" to my mom. But it will actually be for her.
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  • My mom knew ASAP (there's no way I was waiting to tell her)

    My dad's birthday is the 14th so I'm getting him a card that says "grandpa" on it and wait for his reaction!

    We told my MIL last night, I wanted to do an early Grandma birthday card (her birthday is the 31st) and DH thought that was dumb, he said he reallllly wanted to tell her so we went over, sat down then he looks at me and says "well are you gonna tell her?" ummmmm this was your idea buddy!! she just looked and asked if I was knocked up with a smile on her face.
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  • I keep going back and fourth. I got 3 weeks till my first appointment at 8ish weeks. Wanted to tell my parents this weekend, but now I'm having second thoughts. All I've had is 1 HCG. I was feeling so crummy before I started B6, didn't think I could fake it for a month. Now I'm feeling decent, so I could hold out. I just don't want to get everyone's hopes up and it be a let down. Only parents would know, mine are first time grandparents. I'm a first timer...everything seems fine so far.

    I already ordered dessert and mugs for this weekend LOL
  • My husband and I got bibs for both our parents that said "what happens at grandmas stays at grandmas". They loved it. I have teacup Pomeranian who I jokingly call my moms grand puppy, she went: "Is this for Teddy!?!" And I said nope, she was so excited! They did a champagne toast! Apple juice for me
  • Gave this last week for their anniversary !
  • The day I took my test I went for coffee with my mom, sister, and cousin (who is in town visiting).
    My mom kept saying so what's new with you? Anything? And I was dying!!!! But I didn't let it slip, we always wait until 2nd tri.
    We are telling everyone at Xmas I'm thinking I will have my kiddos make my parents a mug that says "lucky #7!" and see if they figure it out, lol.
    This will be the 7th grand baby on both sides and I love that!!
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  • KOR121 said:

    I'm going to order this for my niece and steal her for a second to switch out her outfit!

    Where did you find this?
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